Why Independence Matters?

Why Independence Matters?

We live in a country that fought for and celebrates its Independence. The freedom to make our own choices, worship how we desire and choose our government. We cherish living in a country where we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

Independence is a big word and has tremendous meaning in the financial services industry as well. It means not being limited by a franchise, chain store or impacted by the agendas of other’s pocketbook. 

In the financial services industry, independence is gained much in the same way independence was gained by the US in 1776. Individuals with ideas and desires to be free can exercise their right to separate from the “status quo”, or large institutions, to serve their clients without restraints. The end result is an elevated relationship, service level and product offerings.

It matters because you work hard for your money. It matters because you and your family deserve more than a transaction. It matters because you deserve a relationship with advisors who are free to have thoughts and ideas of how to best serve your individual needs that are independent of the status quo.

Think about it.