What to Bring to Your First Meeting?

We know life is busy and taking time out of your schedule can be a challenge. We want to make the most of our time together. Gathering documents and log in information for your online accounts goes a long way towards making us more efficient during our meeting. 

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Suggested List of Items

Below is a list of items. Don't worry if you can't find everything or if some items don't apply to you. Just bring what seems relevant to our meeting.   

  • Most recent pay stub

  • Most recent tax return

  • Current monthly living expenses or budget

  • Employer benefits information

  • Employer retirement accounts, current plans and previous employer plans

  •  Savings or Money Market balances

  •  CDs (Certificates of Deposits) When do these mature?  Rate?

  •  Life Insurance other than through your employer

  •  Disability Insurance other than through your employer

  •  Long Term Care Insurance

  •  Debt: Balance, payment, term and rate including your mortgage, credit card, car loan, etc.

  •  Social Security Estimates (available on www.ssa.gov)

Thoughts to ponder:

  •  What are your goals?

  •  What is top of mind regarding your finances?

  •  How do you view financial market fluctuations? How have you reacted to them in the past?

  •  Do you have estate documents such as a will, trust or powers of attorney?

  •  Do you have any big events coming up or any planned major purchases?

  •  If not already retired:

    • When would you like to retire?

    • What net monthly income would you like to have in retirement?

  •  Is leaving a legacy to your children or grandchildren important to you?