Mackenzie Sitzwohl

Mackenzie Sitzwohl

Financial Assistant

     I'm pleased to announce that Victory Financial Planning has added a new member to the team, Mackenzie Sitzwohl! She will be working closely with us (me & you) to ensure the best possible experience. Mackenzie was required to complete a background & credit check to become a non-registered associate with Cetera Advisors, our broker dealer. 

      Mackenzie is originally from California, graduated from Oregon State University in 2016, and previously worked at The Standard.  In her spare time, she likes to run, go camping, volunteer, spend time with family and she always welcomes time at the beach.

      Mackenzie is off to a great start!  She is very excited to learn more about the industry and is looking forward to meeting each one of you and helping you meet your goals Victory style! 

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