Estate Planning


Victory Financial Planning is here to help you complete your Estate Planning Documents. The documents are prepared by an estate planning attorney and executed in my office.  My role is to guide you through the process and play devil's advocate! Click here for a helpful, and sometimes thought-provoking, Estate Planning Questionnaire to complete in preparation.  

A full set of documents includes:

  • Revocable Living Trust or Will (depending on your personal situation)
  • Asset Funding Guide
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • HIPPA Authorization
  • Living Will / Advance Directive

The process:

  • Determine needs with the help of an estate planning attorney.
  • Complete questionnaire & gather relevant information. 
  • Email completed questionnaire to my office.
  • Meet to discuss choices and verify input data. 
  • Pay for your full set of documents listed above.
  • Bound documents will be delivered to my office.
  • Execute documents (witness and notarize).
  • If using a Trust, I will help you with updating beneficiaries and retitling assets.
  • If, your home is retitled into the name of your trust – the fee to change the deed is $150 plus recording fees of $20-$40 depending on county.
  • Invite whomever you choose to access your documents safely stored in the cloud.

Have a change of heart, or remember something new? Changes can be made to your documents for 90 days after they are executed – at no charge.


Trust:                          $ 2,000   single or couple (discounts may apple for VFP clients)
Will:                             $ 300     per person
Amendments:           $ 125     each
Funding:                     $ 150     deed transfer

Learn more about EP Navigator here.


Access your online Estate Planning Documents here


Disclosure:  I understand that Mary M. Garlock is not an attorney and her role is that of an advisor/consultant only. This activity is separate from Cetera Advisors.