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Warm and Insightful Financial Guidance.

Victory Financial Planning is a Financial Planning Firm steeped in experience and education. As a Registered Investment Advisor, Victory Financial Planning is held to the highest standard in the industry, the Fiduciary Standard. Doing what is in the best interest of our clients is, and always has been paramount. We insist on 100% transparency and there is no ambiguity in our recommendations. We leave the jargon and the suits for the big boys.


As an Independent Financial Planner and Fiduciary, Mary Garlock is a registered and licensed professional with over 22 years of experience. Mary has an unwavering commitment to objectively analyze your situation and creates a plan designed to help meet your goals. Mary connects with her clients on a personal level and has a gift for intuitively knowing how to guide them through life events, of all kinds.


We value our relationships with our clients and work very hard every day to honor the trust they have placed in us.